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About Us | Flymingos

Do birds deliver packages?
Would have been so cool if they did. Until then, we got this. 
We created Flymingos for you - New-age shoppers who are in sync with global trends and know exactly what they want.

What makes a successful flight you ask?
When no feathers are ruffled in the process.
We make sure you don't have to worry about anything other than browsing and adding international brands to your shopping cart while we take care of the rest.

Our Pricing Policy

Flymingos is an online aggregator and we always match the price on the vendor's website. If for any reason, you see that price on the vendor's website is cheaper, or you have a different website where the same product is offered at a lower price, we always match that price. Flymingos provide a door-to-door fulfillment service and charge extra on top of the sale price of products to meet these costs. This includes the following cost that the consumer has to pay, regardless if they buy the product online on the vendor store or through Flymingos. These are:

  1. NewYork State Tax: 8.9%

  2. Customs and Duty: 11%

  3. US, International, and Domestic Shipping and Handling: 20%

These costs are reflected in the final invoice price you receive from Flymingos.

Is this too expensive?
In fact, our shipping costs are much lower than costs charged by the vendor's website. You can save up to 20% of the total cost of acquiring the same product in Pakistan, and with 0 headaches, all while sitting on your couch.

Our Shipping Policy
Flymingos ships the product, door to door in 21 days. We enable this through our partnership with a global network of suppliers and operators, along with our streamlined import process, that gets your product at your door, within 21 days of the day you place your order. Currently, due to Covid19, we have seen longer shipping times. We hope you understand and are staying safe.

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